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About Me

I am Isa , short for Isadora I am a dreamer and  a creative family woman who hungers to accomplish many goals in life . I Currently live in  New York City and I moved here after living in Miami,Florida for many years and I must say I Love NYC. While in NYC I decided to explore my artistic side that i always enjoy so much and I went to school to obtain knowledge in Graphic design and 3D animation, and what an adventure that was. Commuting in NYC everyday is a mayor source of inspiration from the sounds, smells, people the fashion.

NYC is a magnet for artistic minds and individuals, is a city that makes you dream of the best you can be. After graduating working as a graphic designer wasn’t going so well being a mom and a wife made it a little challenging, I didn’t have the advantage to freely invest time seeking internships to find a position as a graphic designer for a big company but in the middle of all of this my love for photography in all it genres started arousing again and through a path that i basically stumble on I find myself creating Isadora B photography, At first scare and intimidated because is still a learning process for me in this field. developing skill and finding my own identity in the world of photography but every project is still an adventure I embrace more and more. 


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Special Thanks to My husband Carlos.

 He motivates me when I lose hope and sight of my dreams and reminds me that good things take time and dedication.